Testimonial Martin Mumenthaler

Testimonial Martin Mumenthaler
Testimonial Martin Mumenthaler

During my micromechanics studies at the Berne University of Applied Sciences, I discovered my interest in optics. Above all, I am fascinated by light and the special form of energy it contains. And by the question as to how light can be used for cutting processes. This is why I decided to deepen my knowledge in this field with a Master's program in optical systems technology.  

During my studies, Bystronic offered me the opportunity to complete a practical placement at its Swiss development and production location in Niederönz. Directly after completing my two-month practical placement, I was able to write my Master's thesis within the framework of a project in the field of laser photonics at Bystronic.  

For me, the practical placement and the Master's thesis opened the door to a permanent position with Bystronic. Today, I work as a development engineer in the Laser Engineering department. We develop laser sources and cutting heads for tomorrow's laser cutting systems. Bystronic has a great deal of development depth. We develop all the performance-relevant components of our lasers in-house.  

In a current project, I am working on improving a cutting head for fiber laser technology. My most important tools for this project are professional CAD constructions and optical simulations, which I generate on the screen using special software. For me, what is exciting about this project is the combination of mechanics and optics. In my role as an engineer, when I design a cutting head, I have to understand how to create the perfect connection between mechanics and optics.  

If a design works on the simulator on my screen, I take it to the lab. There I test my design with various series of tests. These reveal the behavior of the cutting head under laser power. Is the focused light emitted by the fiber optics as designed? Does the lens generate a good image? These are the most important prerequisites that will subsequently ensure that the laser beam achieves a clean cut.  

My advice for young professionals who are interested in Bystronic:

Already having completed a practical placement or having written one's thesis at Bystronic opens up interesting career entry opportunities. The operational areas at Bystronic are very varied. Simply inform yourself and apply.

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